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At Evolve, we know your success depends on delivering customer satisfaction through high quality products. Cleanliness of parts and components determines performance, lifetime, and overall product quality.

As international standards become stricter in many science-led industries, rigorous cleanliness analysis is necessary to ensure compliance. Leica’s state-of-the-art Cleanliness Expert software, available from Evolve, is an easy-to-use, optimal solution to provide you with reliable, repeatable analysis results specific to your needs.

It can help you improve your workflow with multi-sample measurements, meet international quality standards and save your employees a lot of time and hassle.

Cleanliness analysis

Evolve recently delivered and installed a Leica DMS1000 microscope fitted with the Cleanliness Expert software at Medichem and Combino Pharm for use in their quality control laboratory in Hal Far.

Medichem and Combino Pharm are among Malta’s leading pharmaceutical companies and form part of the Medichem group, a Spanish pharmaceutical organisation which specialises in the development, manufacture, and marketing of generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Dosage Forms for the global pharmaceutical industry.

Medichem and Combino Pharm have been operating in Malta since 2005 and are both EU GMP and US FDA approved pharmaceutical companies.

The new system, pictured above, allows Medichem’s laboratory to:

  • Save time by automatic analysis of filters
  • Set different parameters for particle classification, such as length and width limits for each filter
  • Use the microscope for other tasks besides technical cleanliness analysis

William Micallef, the Quality Control Laboratory Administrator at Combino Pharm/Medichem, said: ‘We are impressed with the capabilities of the microscope and software combo. Evolve’s team of experts were always on hand to advise us on the setup and use of the Leica package.

‘Our new Leica DMS1000 microscope from Evolve is a superb system for digital inspection, observation and measurement. It combines microscope, camera, transmitted light base and heating stage, and unites all the advantages of digital technology into one microscope. We’re really pleased with it.’

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Meet the Cleanliness Expert

It’s easy to use and fast to adapt to your needs

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