What we do

Operator training

Our team will always take you through all the basic instructions on how to use your newly installed equipment appropriately as well as instructions for care.

Application training

Getting the best return out of your investment and navigating the intricacies of any analytical and diagnostic equipment is of vital importance. That is why we always strive to employ people who speak your language and are scientists just like you. We also invest in internal training to keep up with the latest technological innovations.

Knowledge base

Access to relevant articles, updated developments and industry trends, sharing of FAQs, methods and more is granted to holders of valid Maintenance Agreements through the Evolve website Community.

Customer Education Program

Free training on multiple subjects of interest is offered to all the scientific community on a regular basis. Demo equipment and foreign experts are almost always included. At Evolve we believe a good decision is an informed decision.

Together, we can improve the
impact science and technology have on
society, today and for the future.

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