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What we do for you

At Evolve, we want to be your partner of choice. Being a partner means that we always aspire to understand your needs.

Facility design

Your ideas and our expertise can be laid out in CAD and REVIT diagrams, allowing us to discuss all the facets of your project visually. This will be part of any submission for regulatory compliance.

Purified water distribution loops

Design and building of purified water loops in thermoplastic materials following EP and USP guidelines is one of the specialist services offered by the Evolve team.

Laboratory furniture layout

Personnel flow, sample flow, particular analytical needs, safety standards and budgets are all taken into consideration when our team designs and furnishes complete labs.

Utilities for scientific workspaces

Be it compressed air, gas distribution, water for injection loops, drains, solvent waste, electricity, heating, ventilation, air conditioning , fresh air or other systems, Evolve can design it to your specifications.

Support that is always there for you

Evolve offers you the right solution for every need

Evolve is your trusted science partner

Evolve champions potential, helping scientists, businesses and communities to thrive. Because when they thrive, so do we. Our purpose underpins everything we do.

At Evolve, we tailor scientific solutions to your requirements with a range of knowledge and experience, including:

  • Facility design, laboratory supplies and lab furniture layout
  • Expertise to help you make quick and informed decisions for all your clinical, scientific or analytical needs
  • We can provide you with a comprehensive maintenance and support service
  • We offer training in a number of areas of interest to the scientific community
  • Our proactive, consultative approach is underpinned by the expertise of our team of dedicated professionals, ensuring that you’ll get personal support from one of our experts. We call it ‘help for what matters‘.

If you need to speak with someone from Evolve, please visit our Support Centre page.

How to contact us