Designing and upgrading your laboratory furniture is an essential part of mostmodern science=led facilities.

It promotes your quality research and work efficiency as well. Selecting the right choice of lab furniture, like benches, tables, and storage cabinets, can make a difference in your safety protocols.

So whether you are looking to build a new lab or revamp your existing laboratory, Evolve offers a great opportunity to buy laboratory supplies and furniture.

Why is Laboratory Furniture Important?

Laboratory furniture plays an important role in every scientific workspace. Here is the detail of why it’s so important.

  • Lab furniture provides a safe and appropriate space for researchers and scientists to conduct their work. Good quality, solid science furniture ensures stability while handling delicate and potentially dangerous substances or equipment.
  • It provides storage space for laboratory tools and equipment. Laboratory furniture like cabinets and shelves provide secure storage for sensitive materials, chemicals, and equipment. Meanwhile, proper storage helps to keep the lab environment organized, which is key to efficient and successful scientific work.
  • Lab furniture is often specially designed to resist chemicals and withstand harsh conditions. This means they won’t degrade over time, helping maintain a clean and safe environment for scientific experiments.
  • Moreover, the right furniture enhances workflow. Customized workstations can be designed to fit specific tasks, making everyday lab procedures smoother and more efficient. This can boost productivity significantly.
  • In addition, well-chosen lab furniture reflects a professional image. It shows the lab’s commitment to quality, safety, and good scientific practice.

What are the Different Types of Laboratory Furniture?

In a scientific laboratory, various types of science furniture are required to meet the diverse needs of researchers and scientists.

Some common types of laboratory furniture are:

Lab Benches and Workstations

These are essential for conducting experiments, analyzing samples, and performing various tasks. They provide a stable and large surface for working with precision.

Laboratory Cabinets and Storage Units

These are designed to securely store lab equipment, glassware, chemicals, and samples. Cabinets with adjustable shelves and lockable doors help to maintain organization and ensure safety.

Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are essential for handling hazardous substances. They provide ventilation and protect researchers from harmful fumes, gasses, and chemicals during experiments.

Lab Chairs and Science lab tables

Comfortable seating is necessary for researchers who spend long hours working in the lab. Functionally designed chairs and science lab tables support proper posture and minimize the risk of strain.

Lab Carts and Trolleys

These mobile units are used to transport equipment, samples, and supplies within the lab. They facilitate easy movement and ensure efficient workflow.

Laboratory Sinks

Sinks with proper sanitation and drainage are essential for lab hygiene. They enable researchers to clean equipment, glassware, and work surfaces effectively.

Lab Shelving and Racks

These provide additional storage space for items that need to be easily accessible. They help to keep the lab organized and ensure efficient space utilization.

Lab Lighting

Adequate and proper lighting is important for clear visibility during experiments and observations. Adjustable task lights and overhead lighting systems are commonly used.

Furniture that every lab needs

Science labs are highly controlled spaces where scientists work hard to find solutions for composite problems. In such a scenario, a set of furniture makes the tasks more convenient and smooth.

Science lab furniture contains a wide range of specialized equipment and workstations designed to meet the specific needs of scientific research. Here is a list of commonly used lab furniture.


Workstations are work tables used to conduct complex experiments in all laboratories. These tables are the most essential furniture in the science labs. Most companies are offering fully equipped workstations made of steel. It has installed all essential items like balance surface, sink, sections, bin, etc. These science lab tables are popular in science and school labs.

Storage Cabinets

Science labs have a lot of chemicals, components, and apparatuses that need to be stored safely. In most of the labs, long wooden cabinets. However, scientists have started using flammable storage cabinets due to hazardous chemicals and toxic elements. They are fire resistant, so other laboratory supplies may not get affected.

Fume Extraction System

Fume hoods are another essential furniture item in any science lab. They extract all poisonous gases and fumes and make the environment eco-friendly. A well-ventilated lab can help scientists to extract better outcomes and solutions.

Stools and Chairs

Laboratory stools and chairs are different from standard chairs. These are designed for comfort during long hours in the lab. Some chairs and seats may be adjustable in height or equipped with wheels for mobility.

Mobile Furniture

These tables, surfaces, and other supplies can be moved anywhere in the lab. They are installed with wheels so the product may not be spilled or wasted due to mobility. They help advance research where more than one person is involved as it can be moved from the station of one person to another with ease.

Sink Units

Hygiene and cleanliness are the most essential factors in maintaining any labware products. To ensure them, taps and sinks are very important. They are of various types, installed sink-in desks and stations, separate tap stations for instant cleanup, chemical showers, etc.

Waste Bins

Many waste and chemicals are extracted daily from the science lab tables in laboratories. Disposing them safely without affecting the environment is a significant task in labs. For such purposes, flammable waste bins are used. They resist fire, so whatever goes in them cannot affect the lab.

Drafting tables

These tables help to draft new experiments and chemical distribution. Mostly drafting tables are used for discussion, paperwork, and writing papers and chemical formulas. Most of the time, scientists or school labs use these tables to discuss ideas with a group of people.

Microscopic Table

These specially designed tables hold microscopes and provide a steady, vibration-free surface. They prevent scientists from avoiding contaminations and mixing of hazardous chemicals altogether.

Balance Tables

These tables are extra sturdy and robust enough to balance the surface for any experiment. Balance tables and supplies may be used in sensitive experiments and measurements.

Lab Refrigerator and Freezers

Not every chemical can sustain its original state at room temperature. They must be kept in safe and feasible conditions to enhance their properties. For these purposes, high-power refrigerators and freezers are used in many laboratories.

Lab Shelves and Drying Racks

Science lab furniture also includes shelves and drying racks. They help put specific chemicals aside and dry used flasks and beakers afterward. They are mainly on the side of every lab, so they do not intervene in any experiment activity.

Safety Equipment Stations

Safety Equipment is a small station that has all the essential emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, eyewash stations, and first aid kits available. They are placed in a convenient space, so they approach the product immediately in an emergency.

Things to consider before buying lab furniture

It is very important to prevent any accident in a lab or maintain safety protocols as well. Hence, before purchasing laboratory furniture, there are important factors to consider.

Here’s a simplified guide to help you make the right choices.

Lab Needs

Understand the specific requirements of your lab. Consider the experiments and work conducted, as well as the equipment used. This helps to determine the types of furniture needed.


Choose furniture made from strong materials that can handle the demands of a lab. Look for well-built frames and surfaces that resist chemicals and scratches. This is important because it ensures furniture lasts longer.


Ensure the furniture meets safety standards. Look for features like rounded corners and proper ventilation for specific items like fume hoods.


Consider the well-being of lab personnel. Select furniture that offers appropriate support and adjustable features, like height-adjustable chairs and tables, to prevent discomfort and injuries.

Space Optimization

Assess your lab’s available space and plan accordingly. Choose furniture that fits well and allows for efficient movement. For this, modular options can offer flexibility.


Determine a realistic budget and balance quality with cost. Investing in durable furniture may save money in the long run by reducing repairs and replacements.

Reliable Supplier

Choose a reputable supplier known for quality furniture. Read reviews and seek recommendations to ensure reliability.

By considering all these factors, you can make informed decisions and select laboratory furniture that meets your lab’s needs, promotes safety, and provides long-term value. Evolve offers high-quality scientific lab equipment to help ensure both efficiency of work and the safety of your researchers in the lab.

How Evolve can help

All of the laboratory furniture we supply is available with the product technical information and specifications.

Evolve also provides a professional lab design service. We design scientific workspaces that scientists love.

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