When you’re busy working in a laboratory, there are a number of safety issues that can easily crop up.

If you aren’t careful while conducting tests and experiments, you could end up starting a fire, damaging the lab equipment, sustaining an injury, or even racking up a costly fine in court.

That’s why you should always follow these simple Evolve lab rules to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.

1. Know what to do if there’s an accident

If a chemical were to spill in the lab, what would you do? Or if you were injured while doing an experiment, what would be your next move? It’s impossible to eliminate all accidents from a lab, but you can take the right steps to prepare yourself for one. It could prevent a small problem from turning into a larger one.

2. Know where the safety equipment is kept

If something goes wrong while you’re in the lab, you need to know where the safety equipment is located so that you can grab it right away. From the location of the fire extinguisher to the location of the eye wash, you should make sure the safety equipment is present and point out where it is before you begin an experiment.

3. Dress properly

From the moment you walk into the lab, you need to be dressed properly from head to toe. This means wearing long pants, a lab coat, safety goggles, covered shoes, and any other protective gear required by the lab. You should also put your hair up if you have long hair and wear gloves and hearing protection if the experiment you are conducting calls for them.

4. Dispose of waste properly

Much of the waste created in a lab needs to be disposed of in something other than just a normal litter bin. You also need to avoid throwing chemicals down the drain as they could damage the plumbing system and potentially your local environment. Additionally, you may need to use stronger-than-normal cleaning products to clean up after your project is finished. Make sure you know how to dispose of everything you plan to use in the lab before you get started.

5. No food and drinks please

Food and drinks should never be consumed in a lab. There’s a chance that they could become contaminated by the chemicals used in the lab. There’s also a chance that the food and drinks could spill and contaminate an experiment. If you need to eat or drink, make sure you do it before you enter the lab or wait until you leave.

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