It’s a sad fact of life that accidents happen in science labs.

Some substances have the potential to damage clothing. With that in mind, you want to make sure that the clothing you wear is something you could do without if it becomes damaged. As a precaution, wearing a lab coat is always always a very good idea.

These are Evolve’s top 10 safety tips:
  1. Before entering the lab, make sure to put on a lab coat. The coat should always be worn with the sleeves rolled down.
  2. Wear closed shoes. Open shoes, such as sandals, are a no-go as a falling item could injure your feet and a potential acid spill could damage your skin.
  3. Long pants are a must, as skirts and shorts expose the skin to dangerous chemicals.
  4. Avoid loose sleeves, as they are impractical when working.
  5. Tie back long hair. Loose hair could catch fire when working with a Bunsen burner.
  6. Only bring the things you need into the lab. That means you should leave all your personal items, such as bags and jackets outside. Also take off your watch and jewelry before entering the lab.
  7. Remember safety goggles, even if you wear glasses. Normal glasses aren’t sufficient in protecting your eyes.
  8. If you wear contact lenses, makes sure to follow the safety instruction in a lab. In some labs it’s forbidden to wear contact lenses all together because if you get chemicals in your eyes, the liquids can get trapped under the lenses.
  9. Wear gloves when handling corrosive chemicals. There are different types of gloves for different types of chemicals, so make sure to use the correct ones.
  10. Always remember to dress appropriately for the lab, not fashion or the weather​.

The easiest way to dress for the lab is to hold your hands above your head, look down and if you see any exposed skin between your neckline and the floor, you need to change your clothes!

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