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Medical diagnostic laboratory services are vital to support healthcare professionals and hospitals to inform patient diagnosis.

At Evolve, we attach huge importance to the advancement of medical diagnostics and are proud to act as a driving force of medical progress by representing several innovative diagnostic equipment providers.

Pathology and Medical Testing Equipment

Evolve is proud to supply a number of specialist pathology laboratories. They provide a comprehensive range of healthcare diagnostic services, from routine tests such as blood, swab and urine, through to cutting edge genetic analysis. Around three in every four healthcare decisions made about a person’s diagnosis and treatment are based on laboratory investigations.

Oil and Fuel Analysis

At Evolve, we believe that carrying out Oil Condition Monitoring on samples is the best way to maintain the running of a machine or car. We can provide science-led solutions to analyse engine oils, fuels, coolants and transformer oils.

Food and beverage analysis equipment

Evolve is your ideal partner in all food and feed matters. State-of-the-art technology allows us to supply a wide range of analytical methods for a broad range of products. We aim to be the first choice provider for quality-led analytical testing equipment in the food and beverage QC and QA testing space.

Environmental Analysis Equipment

Evolve has equipped several environmental analysis laboratories over the years. They specialise in a range of quality analytical services, including agricultural soil testing, plant testing, compost testing, potting mix testing, contaminant testing and water testing.

Lab projects made easy with Evolve

Evolve offers a vast selection of quality laboratory products and equipment from the most trusted industry leaders.

We’re committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, whilst developing new solutions and workflows to enhance your labs efficiencies.

From service and maintenance, to installation and training, Evolve is on hand to provide the support and technical expertise you need to continue making progress with your business operations.

Get in touch with the Evolve experts today to find out more about our laboratory equipment services. Call us on +356 2248 9900 or email

From service and maintenance, to the installation of new equipment, Evolve is on hand to provide the support and technical expertise you need to continue making progress with your vital operations.

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