Malta’s fastest-growing science company has appointed a new Business Development Executive.

Tania Teixeira joined Evolve after working as a laboratory manager, project leader and environmental research scientist in Portugal and the Middle East.

Evolve managing director Christopher Busuttil Delbridge said: ‘Having previously worked with us on the development of a research facility in the United Arab Emirates, we saw that Tania‚Äôs work and dedication would be a strong asset.

‘Her strong background in project leadership and expertise in laboratory management will help us to expand and build a strong presence internationally as a solution provider for scientific workspaces.’

‘I am looking forward to helping our customers’

Tania said: ‘My interest and curiosity for the environment from a young age drove me to choose a career in natural sciences.

‘As a researcher, I gained experience in designing, executing and conducting experimental studies.

‘One thing that I really enjoy is brainstorming with scientists in the laboratories and I’m always looking for ground-breaking ways to maintain a competitive edge.

‘I am looking forward to helping our customers advance their projects.’

Evolve is a leading supplier of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for the pharmaceutical industry and mining sector as well as agriculture, food science, medical cannabis and forensics across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.