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World Laboratory Day takes place on April 23, and Evolve will be celebrating the place where great inventions emerge to make our world better.

It’s also a day to recognise those who do research and experiments in these unique scientific workspaces.

Some of the world’s greatest discoveries came directly from a laboratory. These include things like developing treatments for deadly diseases, putting satellites into space, and discovering new elements on the periodic table.

Why it matters

Major milestones in the history of science have happened in laboratories, including:

  • Identifying good and bad cholesterol in the human body
  • Discovering DNA, giving rise to modern molecular biology
  • Understanding what caused dinosaurs to become extinct
  • Explaining the process of photosynthesis
  • Building longer-lasting rechargeable batteries
  • Making water safe to drink
  • Pioneering medical imaging
  • Creating tougher ceramics
  • Seeing far away planets in our solar system

Breakthroughs like these have been life-changing and even life-saving for millions of people around the world. These discoveries have also helped us to better understand our universe, allowed us to become more energy efficient, and has helped businesses and corporations save money. Can you imagine what our world would be like without these kinds of breakthroughs?

To participate in World Laboratory Day:

  • Think about some of the most famous lab discoveries in history, such as penicillin, batteries, aspirin, microwaves, and cameras and how your life would be different without them.
  • Learn more about what goes on in laboratories.
  • Watch a movie that features scientific discoveries, such as Jurassic Park, Awakenings, Life Story, and Twelve Monkeys.
  • Research pioneers in laboratory science, such as Sir Alexander Fleming, Sir Temi Zammit, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Louis Pasteur.

You can also spread awareness for this day on your social media with #WorldLaboratoryDay.

Here to support you

Evolve is proud to offer a comprehensive range of scientific products and services, from supplying the latest microscopes to award-winning lab design and the turnkey installation of medical cannabis facilities.

With our team of experts, you can chat to us about science products and planning for your business sector, and tap in to our knowledge.

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