Communication is the cornerstone of good teamwork at Evolve.

We understand that in order to succeed in business, we must be able to communicate clearly to others.

Communication helps us learn about new opportunities, manage our education, and ultimately maintain and cultivate important connections.

Evolve has introduced a series of online training courses to help employees brush up on their communication skills.

As Malta’s fastest-growing scientific company, we know how important great communication is with our customers, suppliers and shareholders and fellow team members.

Evolve’s Head of Business Support, Fiona Mallia, said: ‘The aim of the training courses is underline to our employees why communicating effectively gives the best results and how much more we can achieve when we work together.

‘Collaboration and teamwork are vital to business success. Being able to collaborate carries a number of benefits for Evolve as a business, from better marketing to increased employee satisfaction to a higher quality of product or service.

‘The art of communication is a complicated network of interrelated skills. You must be good at asking questions, respecting others’ contributions, generating their trust and considering their perspectives.

‘When you communicate with customers and suppliers more effectively, you’re more aware of potential problems and better able to implement solutions.’

During one of e-training sessions called ‘Communicating to Win and Achieving Results’, one of the Evolve teams completed the task in record time.

Street HR, which organises online communications courses, said: ‘We witnessed great enthusiasm from all the employees at Evolve where the various teams worked in harmony in displaying a high level of commitment, positive attitude and tenacity.

‘Clearly the message that good communication is key to achieve business success has been witnessed and practiced successfully. We wish Evolve all the very best going forward and we look forward to continue our collaboration.’