Multiple Surgical Operating Microscopes for various disciplines 2017-07-21T07:30:38+00:00

Project Description

A surgeon and the medical team place full trust in the tools available during any delicate operation. This ensures the best outcome for the patient but requires an unparalleled level of confidence in the performance of these tools time after time. It is estimated that 80-85% of all Malta’s Surgical Operating Miscoscopes are Leica Microsystems equipment supplied through Evolve or our mother company Attard & Co. many years ago. Some of the microscopes have exceeded 15 years of continuous service and are still in regular use for our patients providing the same crisp images now as they did then. We keep on brining value to our customers by suggesting the latest accessories and surgical techniques that befit their area of expertise. That repeat custom in both the public and private sectors is proof of our product and service offering. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also led us to exchange and upgrade a complete SOM totally free of charge since the surgeon in question.

Project Details