Evolve is to spearhead a new national drive to boost quality and excellence in every aspect of Maltese business.

The fast-growing scientific solutions company signed an agreement with the Malta Chamber of Commerce to lead and develop policies on quality and best practice.

Evolve’s managing director Christopher Busuttil Delbridge said: ‘The pursuit of quality is a virtuous mindset. It pervades nations, organisations and the notion of self.

‘At Evolve, we have always put quality as our cornerstone in the personal development of our employees which eventually builds the company culture.

‘We have experienced first-hand what a quality shift in mindset can do for a relatively small group of people, let alone for a nation.’

The main objective of the committee will be to research and identify quality values and develop a strategic plan on the importance of quality to the Maltese economy.

He added: ‘The vision being proposed will be put forward through Quality Ambassadors from all walks of life, trained and approved by a working group.

‘The need for quality over quantity has never been more pronounced. Quality is a way of life.’

David Xuereb, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, said: ‘We are proud to team up with Evolve, who will sit side by side with us in each initiative we tackle.

‘In itself, this will deliver a strong benefit to Evolve as it places itself at the forefront as a support of the Chamber providing invaluable resources that will benefit the entire business community in Malta.’

He added: ‘Malta competes in a global village which is increasingly defined by excellence and quality. In today’s business environment, mediocrity and sub-standards are ruthlessly exposed.

‘Business leaders, government and civil society must push to change attitudes so that the ‘good enough’ culture is replaced by ‘nothing but the best’.

‘I believe this should be the standard for everything we do, from the products that are manufactured in Malta, to the professional services provided including good manners and politeness towards the tourists who visit our island.’

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