Clean Room Qualification and Hepa Filter Integrity Testing

Upon rising customer request Evolve undertook the substantial investment of purchasing a full set of calibrated equipment and getting […]

Stability Rooms and Chambers, Climatic Test Chambers

No matter the volume, Evolve has supplied, built, qualified and maintained it already. Weiss-Gallenkamp are the undisputed world leaders […]

Custom-made Laboratory Gas Filtration and Distribution Systems

Amino Chemicals, ArrowPharm (now Actavis), and Siegfried are just few of the companies were our custom-made gas filtration and […]


A niche that Evolve really thrived in is microscopy. Numerous trainings have been provided to customers by Evolve’s scientific […]

Particle Sizing, Counting and Morphological Identification

Servicing, Calibrating and Qualifying over 8 Malvern Instruments on a regular basis. ArrowPharm and Actavis, Amino Chemicals, Medichem Manufacturing […]

Scalable Datalogging Systems

From a single parameter, single channel datalogging system up to a complex wireless multi-parameter configuration involving separate distant locations […]

Water Purification, Storage and Distribution Systems

Uniquely in Malta, Evolve are the only company to be trained and certified to design, install and certify Purified […]

Largest Installed Base of Laboratory Furniture

The German Koettermann’s steel lab furniture manufacturer recognition for Evolve in terms of promotion to ‘International Sales Partners’ and […]

Spectroscopy – UV/VIS, AAS, NIR, FT-IR

Evolve lives up to its name in many ways, but nothing as much as in ‘leading the way…’. The […]

Major Analytical Equipment Provider – Oenology Lab at Ghammieri Experimental Farm

Very specific demands for particular applications is normal in the scientific industry. With such a diverse portfolio of customers […]

Major Analytical Equipment Provider – ArrowPharm Ltd – now Actavis Ltd.

At ArrowPharm Evolve was awarded two major contracts – all the Koettermann lab furniture including Fume Cupboards and custom-designed […]