Major Analytical Equipment Provider – Siegfried Generics (Malta) Ltd. 2014-07-30T10:11:54+00:00

Project Description

From the very first day of operation with no laboratories, no finished pain job and empty offices, Evolve was brought into the heart of the operations at Siegfried Generics. The business relationship became a partnership of trust and both Siegfried and Evolve have developed and grown their local businesses together. It is safe to say that over 80% of all analytical equipment works within Siegfried have been carried out by Evolve. We made ourselves available for all the odd jobs, helped Siegfried through difficult patches and in return we were given opportunities for growth and to start offering new services. A walk around the labs at Siegfried would amply demonstrate the point with Evolve calibration stickers stuck onto most major pieces of equipment. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. Nowadays we also deal directly with the mother company in Switzerland for negotiations.


Project Details