Largest Installed Base of Chromatography Instruments and Data Systems 2014-07-30T10:17:28+00:00

Project Description

With close to 100 Waters Inc. High and Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatograph and over 10 Bruker Gas Chromatographs (including bespoke solutions such as the one at Global Gases Ltd.), Evolve is the undisputed authority on anything to do with chromatography on the island. Our 4 factory-trained, fully-qualified and experienced analytical service engineers, as well as our ample stock of spares and consumables offer the utmost peace of mind to any customer that his Chromatography investment will be well looked after. Of particular mention are ArrowPharm with over 50 Waters HPLC systems, Aurobindo – the fastest growing batch release site in Europe – with over 15 systems and counting and Siegfried Generics with the same amount. Moreover Evolve has long been the pioneer in installing and fully-supporting large network-based chromatography data systems. Practically all the large Pharma companies in Malta have had a Waters Empower Data system installed by Evolve. The experience acquired over the years is second to none.


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