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Our Business Expertise 

Over the past decade, we have built strong business relationships with clients and suppliers both locally and internationally. Our interactions with customers and partners have given us unique insights to the business practices of companies and to the plethora of business solutions available.
Today, the company enjoys a consolidated recognition for quality and unwavering commitment to always deliver the best solutions.
At Evolve, we use our experience and knowledge to help our clients make rapid and informed decisions for all their clinical, scientific or analytic needs.
At Evolve, equipment tests are performed to ensure that:
– The recommendations laid down in the relevant specifications have been strictly adhered to
– To ensure satisfactory performance of the system.
– To ensure that the installation is safe for use.
Thanks to our large and reputed array of contacts, Evolve procures high quality equipment at the best value for money possible and ensures that all products supplied will be to specifications required.


It is often found to be desirable, and indeed more cost-effective for customers, to let maintenance out to contract. Evolve provides a comprehensive maintenance support service as well as in-house training courses.
Our qualified personnel are able to provide design and consultancy services to the latest safety standards of the industry including CAD drawings and occupational health and safety standards.
Through the valuable experience acquired from the number of successful projects that we have executed, Evolve is able to overcome major issues that arise during a project thus ensuring a smooth and successful overall installation, right on time.
In-house Demo Lab: We provide customer training and demonstrations in our in-house fully functional demo lab giving us the benefit of showcasing actual equipment in a real laboratory environment.

i. Environmental monitoring
Evolve holds calibrated data loggers at hand to rapidly profile any size and space one may require in terms of temperature and humidity. We provide full reporting with spatial-related data at the end of the study.

ii. Data Analysis
Thanks to our contacts with experts around the world, Evolve is able to undertake specialist projects including the interpretation of monitoring data with a view on understanding the forces of degradation on any particular material.

iii. Calibration
Evolve can calibrate temperature and humidity probes which are traceable to international standards, locally in its own calibration lab.