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Evolve becoming a Group of Companies: Evolve Ltd. - Evolve Medical -Evolve Scientific - Evolve Laboratory Services

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Evolve Ltd awarded Kottermann status of ‘International Sales Partners’ and ‘International Certified Service Installation Team’.  

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Evolve branched into the Medical and Heritage industries.

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Evolve awarded ‘Highest Percentage growth of all the export territory’ by Waters Inc.  

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As business exploded, ‘Evolve Ltd’ was founded as a subsidiary of Attard & Co Ltd in order to serve better the Scientific Industry.

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Malta joined the EU attracting world-class pharmaceutical companies.

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The MSES Department awarded ‘Outstanding contributions to Malta’ Award by Leica SOM.

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The MSES Department awarded ‘Excellent sales Performance’ Award by Leica.

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The MSES Department awarded ‘Outstanding Performance in Sales and Service’ Award by GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd.  

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The Medical and Scientific Equipment and Supplies (MSES) Department was opened at Attard & Co.

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