Clean Room Qualification and Hepa Filter Integrity Testing

Upon rising customer request Evolve undertook the substantial investment of purchasing a full set of calibrated equipment and getting a number of its personnel fully certified (only locals to hold this […]

Stability Rooms and Chambers, Climatic Test Chambers

No matter the volume, Evolve has supplied, built, qualified and maintained it already. Weiss-Gallenkamp are the undisputed world leaders in this sector and they are exclusively represented in Malta by Evolve […]

Custom-made Laboratory Gas Filtration and Distribution Systems

Amino Chemicals, ArrowPharm (now Actavis), and Siegfried are just few of the companies were our custom-made gas filtration and distribution systems have been put in place. The polished Stainless Steel finishing, […]


A niche that Evolve really thrived in is microscopy. Numerous trainings have been provided to customers by Evolve’s scientific professionals. This has instilled enough confidence in our customers to entrust us […]

Particle Sizing, Counting and Morphological Identification

Servicing, Calibrating and Qualifying over 8 Malvern Instruments on a regular basis. ArrowPharm and Actavis, Amino Chemicals, Medichem Manufacturing and Siegfried Generics, among others all own Malvern Instruments equipment and use […]

Scalable Datalogging Systems

From a single parameter, single channel datalogging system up to a complex wireless multi-parameter configuration involving separate distant locations and zones, such as the Mater Dei Pharmacy, Evolve has done it […]

Water Purification, Storage and Distribution Systems

Uniquely in Malta, Evolve are the only company to be trained and certified to design, install and certify Purified water loops using thermoplastic material such a PP (Polypropylene) or PVDF (Polyvinylidene […]

Largest Installed Base of Laboratory Furniture

The German Koettermann’s steel lab furniture manufacturer recognition for Evolve in terms of promotion to ‘International Sales Partners’ and ‘Certified Installation Partner’ statutes come on the back of many years of […]

Spectroscopy – UV/VIS, AAS, NIR, FT-IR

Evolve lives up to its name in many ways, but nothing as much as in ‘leading the way…’. The first and probably the only FTIR-Imaging system on the island was installed […]

Major Analytical Equipment Provider – Oenology Lab at Ghammieri Experimental Farm

Very specific demands for particular applications is normal in the scientific industry. With such a diverse portfolio of customers one has to keep abreast of as many analytical techniques, trends and […]

Major Analytical Equipment Provider – ArrowPharm Ltd – now Actavis Ltd.

At ArrowPharm Evolve was awarded two major contracts – all the Koettermann lab furniture including Fume Cupboards and custom-designed HPLC racks, and almost all the Waters High Performance Liquid Chromatographs plus […]

Tissue Processing Equipment

Leica Biosystems, our partners for over 50 years in Histology equipment, still provide us with spares and support services to serve our private customers who own tissue processors purchased many years […]

Lab Furniture Installation – Libya

Outfitting a complete new lab in a cement factory in Libya include all laboratory furniture and civil works. Working in less then perfect conditions owing to the unfortunate timing of this […]

Ta’Bistra Catacombs & the Ghajn Tuffieha Roman Baths Environmental Monitoring Programme

Environmental Monitoring over 1 year period including supply and maintenance of all required equipment and interpretation of data to establish various forces of degradation of the historic fabric and presentation of […]

Lab Furniture installation – Ethiopia

The challenge in this installation was all the unexpected issues encountered on site. The Evolve team delivered with resilience and composure in the face of apparent insurmountable obstacles and an impossible […]

Museum of Fine Arts

Supply and installation of all environmental monitoring equipment.

The Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum UNESCO World Heritage Site

Environmental Monitoring over a 2 year period including supply and maintenance of all required equipment and interpretation of data to establish various forces of degradation of the historic fabric and presentation […]

Point of Care Analysers

Point of Care analysis of Blood gases is a key contributor to medical professionals making life-saving decisions. The units is question must be at maximum performance 24/7. For this reason Evolve […]

Blood Counters with equipment

Being entrusted with the supply, installation, commissioning and subsequent upkeep of very complex equipment such as blood counters is a massive demonstration of confidence in the Evolve team, especially for 3 […]

State-of-the-art Retinal Camera systems

Evolve’s experienced sales team worked with high-end suppliers to provide an end-to-end solution to both central hospitals as well as peripheral health centres in the supply of these products.
Once more the […]

Complete cleaning and disinfection solution

Evolve separately secured various contracts for the supply of various pieces of equipment that together form a complete washing, disinfection and storage solution for various models and brands of endoscopes. This […]